Reaction to Loss among Young Generation of Tehran’ s population

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  7. Reaction to Loss among Young Generation of Tehran’ s population

Reaction to Loss among Young Generation of Tehran’ s population: A Qualitative Study


The loss reaction includes variety of the responses such as the bodily, emotional, existential and cognitive reactions. The strength of these responses can vary from the weak transitory emotional reactions to the lifelong strong ones, which can change the life story of the individuals. In this study, the qualitative data gathering on focus groups, the semi-structured interview about the loss experiences, and the life story interview by Mc Adams approach were applied on 21 participants. The phenomenological analysis of the manuscripts of the interviews used to investigate individual’ s responses to the loss. Results showed three major clusters that include context of the loss, nature of the loss and the experimenter’ s characteristics.

In context of the loss, time and the sociocultural background of the loss experience is major themes. Another kinds of thems consisted of nature of the loss cluster includes its type, the obligatory versus the optional loss, and the predictable versus unpredictable loss. Finally, the participant’ s characteristics included the life experiences, personality, and knowledge level of participants. Results shows the interactive effect of objective living world which the loss happens as an incident in it and the sobjective living world of the individual who experiences the loss.

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